sgfleet office – Pymble, NSW


sgfleet‘s head office in Pymble, NSW was selected as one of our first offices to fully accommodate Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). The two primary drivers were to:

• Reduce total CO2 emissions on sgfleet Tool-of-Trade vehicles

• Test the process and understand the challenges of installing Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE) on behalf of our customers


sgfleet’s Pymble office is located in an older building within a small business park. 

• The overall electricity supply arrangements were unclear, as were the electricity demands of the extractor fan in the underground car park. 



Smart chargers and parking bays need to be able to connect to the internet and it was not possible to install additional network connectivity from closed-in locations within the car park.

We identified a limited number of parking bays that would be suitable without having to install additional network

The most suitable parking bays, identified to align with ideal charging locations, did not belong to sgfleet.

sgfleet successfully negotiated with other  tenants to swap parking bays to align with the ideal charging locations.

Being an older building, the electricity distribution board did not have an incoming isolator switch.  While not an issue for day-to-day operations, it was not sufficient to facilitate the installation of EVSE.

The board required an upgrade before the EV stations could be connected. However, this added time and cost to the project.

The electrical wiring documentation was out-of-date.

An electrical logging device was installed to clarify the granular demand. This assisted with the final electrical solution design and installation.


The above challenges resulted in additional time required for delivery of the project. Total implementation time was nine months.


• 2 x dual port 22kW single phase Schneider EVlink Smart Wallbox w/ RFID access

• Chargefox integration