sgfleet office – Fyshwick, ACT


sgfleet’s ACT office in Fyshwick was selected as one of our first offices to fully accommodate Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). The two primary drivers were to:

• Reduce total CO2 emissions on sgfleet Tool-of-Trade vehicles

• Test the process and understand the challenges of installing Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE) on behalf of our customers


• The Fyshwick office is located in an industrial site with adequate electricity supply.

sgfleet wanted to install charging infrastructure to support its own Tool-of-Trade vehicles but also provide a high capacity public charger for visitors and general public use.



A minor electrical distribution change was required to ensure that the addition of the EVSEs on sgfleet’s circuit didn’t impact other future tenants.

This was discussed and easily resolved with the building managers.

The installation of a public charger required additional approval.

Permission sought and granted by building managers.


The above challenges resulted in additional time required for delivery of the project. Total implementation time was 6 months.


• Final EVSE installed

• 2 x 7kW 3 phase Schneider EVlink Smart Wallbox w/ RFID access

• 1 x Delta DC 25kW pedestal mounted w/Chargefox app access

• Chargefox integration